1994 my former girlfriend and me established the fetish oriented venue ‚KitKatClub‘ in Berlin that got a reputation beyond borders. During the nineties, it was, apart from the sexual component (the KitkatClub was the first discoteque that allowed you to have sex in public), mainly the melodic and trancey style of music (which its followers refer to as the ‚Kitty Sound‘) that got the club its approval of popularity. In the last couple of years, the KitKatClub has opened itself to new musical influences ranging from electro to full on (check kitkatclub.de).

The success of the KitKatClub has further allowed me to extend my sound studio where, in total, several hours of music have been composed and programmed to midi that partly went onto the green album. Then a break took place in my musical work because of the extension of the club, several relocations and the launch of the gonzo porn label ‚Subway Innovative ProdActions‘ that required my full attention.

Since November 2002 I work alongside with Charly Bainsky. He supports me as a audio and sound engineer, to compile thee material that has been conceived. Originally, I started to rework my former MIDI creations, with the goal to get some perfection of them, with updated sounds.

Because I was acting like a rockstar in one of my porn movies, I thought that this rockstar requires a earworm – a hit. So I produced and sang ‚Ballad of a dying man‘ (check: The green album). This composition that I made during my later adolescence were exclusive for that film. In the following period, one could have enjoyed my voice again and discover new tonations. I added my vocals to all of my previously recorded instrumentals and reworked some of the songs. Such tracks had been chanting along during my days as a street musician.

Concurrently, Charly Bainsky, who had a background as a sound engineer working for bands and live events, got into club music and started to create some basic grooves for me to play around and arrange with. This had the advantage to put my attitude of ’not wanting to be pigeonholed‘ on a solid and appealing foundation.